January 30 – February 8, 2020: Holy Land Living Waters Pilgrimage organized and co-created by UNITY EARTH, United Religions Initiative (URI), EcoPeace Middle East and many dear relatives. Four Worlds Europe represented in the Jordan Valley in the Middle East (Jordan, Palestine and Israel).

Here is a report by Unity Earth: Holy Land Living Waters in REVIEW. We brought our water in our Mother Bottle (Peace Pledge Project), a bottle from our participation in Greenland and Assisi Italy 2018 with Living Peace Projects and from water ceremonies for many years with our dear beloved visiting relatives, Indigenous Sisters and Brothers and our Indigenous Peoples of Europe, Sacred Circle of The Indigenous Women of Europe and our dear Grandmothers of Lower Lands of Europe, Celtic Danish Grandmothers, Celtic French Grandmothers, Celtic German Grandmothers and many more Indigenous Sisters and Brothers.

March 13, 2020 Council of Indigenous Women of the Frisii Peoples


June 20, 2019: SUMMER OF SOIL FRUITTUIN VAN WEST – creating community, healing the earth, healthy cities.

2019: Walking with our community members monthly with a Bison Medicine Walk

2019: Weekly waterceremonie

2019: Four Worlds Council of Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

August 2019: Dome of Gratitude at the KIVA



We continued our path to support the opening of Spaces for Women; we prepared for opening The Sacred Circle of Indigenous Women of Europe, which beautifully merged with the incredible work by our Indigenous Sister Anneloes Smitsman of the EarthWise Center and their WomenWise Leadership Programs. Excerpt of an interview with one of our Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe, our dear Grandmother Line Sturny from Switzerland, shares about her Celtic Spiritual Heritage and the importance of our inner work, and how to connect with the Spiritual dimensions.

April 2018: Shamanistic Festival
We were very honored and happy to be with our Celtic Grandmother Line Sturny and Patrick Dacquay  at the Festival by in April 2018. Line is the strong woman in the organization of this yearly gathering of 3000-4000 people at a Shamanistic Festival in France with people from all continents. She is a great inspiration to many Women who reconnect with her Celtic roots, and to be with her and 60 Young French women in a Celtic Women’s.

9th June 2018: Support Maya relatives
With dear Brother Jos Kester we gathered at Oostraven in Epe, The Netherlands, to support Maya relatives that reached out to us to join their gathering later that year.
With our own Indigenous European ceremony, OerNorsk Seidr ceremony by an Indigenous European Grandmother and our dear French Celtic sister Grandmother Line-france Sturny, we shook up this old land of Europe, with a whole group of Sister Grandmothers, great Men and Women and beautiful Children. To let Mother Earth and our ancestors know we are here. The Sacred Site of The Tumuli around the corner is a magical place to pray with them. With our bare feet we expressed we can feel Her and we want to move with Her in the transition She is in. With our soulvoice, drums and rattles, we let the world know that love can flow, that we can embrace everybody. That is peace  our mission. We, the people that can hear this call!”

June 2018: Peace Pledge Project

In 2018 our dear Grandmother Marjan Pattje of the Cirlce of Grandmothers of the Low Lands was representing Four Worlds Europe in Greenland and Assisi Italy, in a journey with the Peace Pledge Project, invited to the Sacred Lands, Sacred Water and Sacred Big Ice. Welcomed by our dear Inuit Elder Angaangaq, Indigenous Lands of …
at the Big Ice that is melting in record speed. The ice in the picture is 80 meter high and only 20 years ago the ice at this place was 1500 meter. “Instead of melting the Big Ice we need to melt the ice in the Hearts of Man.”

2018 Big Ice Peace Pledge Project

Water is what connects us all and it is what will create the greatest crises in the future, either too much or too little,
floodings or droughts.

With spiritual and religious leaders, business people, artists and politicians coming together from all over the world. We gathered to find common ground in our fundamental values and believes no matter what path you come from, the basics are pretty much the same, the golden rule. How can we come close thanks to ancient wisdom instead of using it as a tool for separation.
This gathering was made possible thanks to the beautiful initiative Peace Pledge Project initiated by Dr. Johannes Witteveen, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and a world-renowned Sufi leader.
Fia Garvner Agoo Marcus Alburez Myers Marcus Hansen , Julie Schelling Shabda Kahn , with respected relatives from Parmarth Niketan, Mohanji, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji – Muniji, Parmarth Niketan Ashram Rishikesh, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, The Earth Charter, The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA), ABC Charity, Devi Mohan, Olivia Biswane.

22-23 June 2018: Earth Trusteeship Gathering in The Hague
We were grateful to participate in the Earth Trusteeship Gathering in The Hague 22-23 June 2018, that served as a welcome space for different initiatives, which share an interest in governance, law and legal structures, Earth practices and advocacy with the aim to heal the relationship between humanity and ecosystem Earth and fulfill our responsibilities as Trustees of the Earth, an inspiring and dynamic platform to exchange and strengthen people from all parts of the world who care to redefine the relationships between humans and nature. An opportunity for The Earth Charter to take the next step and cooperate with the Rights for Mother Earth movement. As we are committed to following the Instructions and the guidances by Indigenous prophecies and Elders, to have Indigenous take the lead in restructuring governance structures of our communities, to have Indigenous Grandmothers in the initiating phase of all newly created initiatives, to create space for youth to be our teachers, to give them a voice at first hand, we were very honored to hear the Youth speak by Fadilah Ohorella representing the Indigenous AliFUru peoples, Youth from Earth Guardians The Hague, our front running Ambassador of Future Generations Jan Van De Venis, and young people from The Earth Charter. There was the Sacred Fire, inviting the 4 directions and holding space during this gathering, and grateful for all who paved the way, all our dear relatives holding space and working hard towards serving humanity and Mother Earth. Embassy Of The Earth

7 September 2018: The Sacred circle of indigenous Woman of Europa
Igniting the flame of the Sacred Circle of the Indigenous Women

29 September 2018: The United Religions Initiative Nederland
Four Worlds Europe was represented at the 15th anniversary, including a symposium “Peace and Reconciliation” of The United Religions Initiative Nederland.

In November 2018: the Parliament of World Religions
Five Women of the Sacred Circle of Indigenous Women of Europe joined our relatives of Four Worlds in Toronto at the Parliament of World Religions. We were very honored and humbled to be welcomed by the Indigenous Women, and we very much appreciated the amazing pre-circle for Women initiated by dear Sister Sande Hart, The Alchemy of Women’s Collective Wisdom and Power, with over 200 Women and Waters from all over the World. Two of our Sisters were part of the Grand Entry, we met all new relatives of Unity Earth, preparing for the next Unity Caravans and Unify that has been such a trailblazing partner. And of course, we honored the Closing Ceremony where the Sacred Fire was burning and was kept by a Team of Firekeepers outside the Conference Hall.