Indigenous Grandmothers

We are focusing on Our People and Our Servable Community Leaders.  We live according to the Natural Laws of the Universe and we are ready to rise and to. We are representatives of Our People connecting with our First Ancestors. Within our Communities we interconnect and unify as One Human Family. We speak out for Love, Peace, Oneness and Unity, Compassion and Sustainable Unprecedented Action. We focus on the transfer of Leadership to the Youngest Generation. We work together towards a planet where the Next Generations will be living in Harmony and Balance with all our Relations. One of our aims is to maximize Space to the Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe, to pave the way to the deep encoded Wisdom of our Ancient Continent.

Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Our beloved Grandmothers

Grandmothers of Europe

Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Recent years we have been working with our beloved Grandmothers, community leaders, who are building communities, many circles of circles. See below here who we are working with.



Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Catherina Giskes


My name is Carla Catherina Giskes Ammerlaan, daughter, sister, mother, stepmother, grandmother. Born in a Farmer’s Family line for many generations, from the Water Lower Lands, close to where the River flows into the Sea. The Earth is under my feet, big Love, especially the hour of the rising Sun, when the Sky opens up and Life is awakening. In this Life my is Health, in the wide sense, Food, Community, Trees, Art, Spirituality, Medicine, Agriculture, Building, Regreening the City. My question is: why am I born here, on this Land, these Waters, what is that I have to do here in this Life. I’m in the board of Four World Europe, Indigenous Council of Frisii Women, Natura Curat, West Indische Buurt in Transition Neighbourhood and Building with Clay, Tierrafino.



Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Joke Steenvoorden


My name is Cornelia Johanna Maria Steenvoorden; Joke. Daughter of Anna Catherina Vink and Gerardus Johannes Steenvoorden. Granddaughter of Grietje and Jaap on my mothers side and Keetje and Kees on my fathers side. All living in the Low Lands. I was born in 1954 in a Catholic working-class family. My place of birth is the village Noordwijk, near the North Sea in the Netherlands. Now living in The Hague city. Watershed river Rhine. The Rhine flows into the North Sea south of the Haque near Rotterdam. In the past the mouth of the Rhine lay north of the Haque. 

I am an eldest daughter, sister, mother, stepmother, and grandmother.

I have worked as a social worker and child therapist in disadvantaged neighborhoods in The Hague City. Recently I retired. In the community where I live, a social-ecological housing project in The Hague City, I dedicate my time as a community worker and permaculture gardening woman. I am the co-organizer of Peace Ceremonies in The Hague. And co-initiator (2016) of The Grandmother Circle of the Low Lands. This circle is inspired by the Grandmothers of the Council of 13 indigenous Grandmothers. They have asked us to form circles in our own country, to deepen our connection with our own land and indigenous culture. And to work together to co-create the world of harmony, peace, love, beauty and abundance for all. Since November 2021 I am forming a circle with a group of brothers and sisters for the protection of all children. The Alifuru elders in Maluku,( the elders of my spiritual brother seMUel Sahureka) who provided us a way to bring in the children in our ceremonies, have asked us to do ceremony several times a year for the children and the next seven generations.

Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Line Sturny


Indigenous Celtic Swiss Grandmother.

Founder member of the Circle of Wisdom of Ancestral Traditions. Member of Grandmothers Council of Fondation Four Worlds Europe. Honorary member of Maya Kinich Ahau.

Honorary member of Mongolian Shaman Tenger Unan.

Honorary member of Mexico Council. Honorary Chérifa of Moroccan Gnawas.

My country is Switzerland (Payerne in the French language place). My mountain is the Moléson.

My river is the Broye.

My tradition is Celtic:(France and Switzerland) The Awen White Way.

I’m an initiator to the Three Circles , the Three Worlds , the Three Shields . I’m helping to keep balance and order between visible and invisible…

I’m doing Teachings, Healings, Traditional Ceremony.

Seasons Celebration, Solstices and Equinoxes Ceremony.

I show how to reconnect with Nature and with oneself.

I honor Life and Spirits with humility and respect ….

I travel a lot around the world, sharing with Women and Men. I follow my voice and my way ….

I dedicate my life to Ancestral European Way of Shamanism, honoring the French lineage of Soof- Ta and my Swiss roots of La Tène .

We have to realize the need to find Harmony, Respect and No Hierarchy with and between All That Lives !

“ We have to realize the need to find Harmony, Respect and No Hierarchy with and between All That Lives ! “

I’m Line Sturny

Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Julie Breukel


My name is Julie Stephanie Breukel Michel. I feel deeply connected to ancestral Wisdom from Valaisan mountain, La Maya mountain, Val d’Anniviers, Réchy River, from my Mother’s side, and to the openness of the Dutch sea, from my Father side. I am mother of 6 children and grandmother.

As Celtic Native from the Mountain, i feel also connected to the ancient routes following the Milky Way, from Central Asia to Atlantic. People from my Valley are considerate to come from Far East, and Hungarian and Basque people have the same strange blood than us.

It is a deep sadness for me that my indigenous language was forbidden when my grandmother Lina was a child. We lost with this the ancestors knowledge that could connect us with our own environment because, with the loss of the plant names, we loose many use of them. 


My grandmother gave me wisdom seeds without teaching me, just by going out for walks in the mountain. Her grandmother, or my great great grandmother Virginie, was a midwife. My great grandfather, her son, helped me to receive transmissions of this line, he was there for me very long, till i was adult. Julie was his wife, my great grandmother. I know her through the love she inspire to him, and feel blessed to carry her name. Through them all i receive also many tradition about birth and death. We have very special custom to accompany after-death.

I always did my best to transmit plant connection knowledge to others and worked to create bridge and harmony between worlds. The first time i went to the Himalayas, i discover that the Mountain People there where so near to my ancestral roots. Learning Tibetan Traditional Medicine, i found out possibilities to discover further my own roots and many missing parts.

I am co-founder with my husband Hervé of Centro Lungta, ancient wisdom of holistic care for the living. In this frame, i am educator of an ancient wisdom of Mountain Movement, Lu Jong -Tibetan Healing Yoga, to go back to our natural authenticity and become firm like Mountains. My aim is also to offer various impulses to deepen the connection to the plant and natural world. Accompanying people trough challenging time with health, birthing and dying process, was always a very natural skill for me. 


Currently i am moving to the Pyrenees in France, where i can deepen roots of my roots. Here the language is from the same family as my Native language and bilingual School exist. With my family, we have the project in addition to our activities, to offer a space for young people to learn in the Native way. We want to value the strength of studying in connection with tree and nature. We are also very grateful to walk together with more than 30 helpers from the animal kingdom. As guardians of a very ancient sacred land we do our best to listen the old wisdom of this blessed place. 


For Centro Lungta:

For the learning with nature project:

Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe

Vibeke Elizabeth Mygind


I am Vibeke Elizabeth Mygind – Woman with Ancestors Rising – Builder of Bridges.

My parents are Danish from a long way back and my family name comes from a place at Funen and is dated back to the 15th century. I was born in the Mediterranean on an English ship on its last voyage home (at sunrise after my Mother had a glass of champagne at the bar in the evening).

I am the mother of 3 and the grandmother of 5.  I have 3 more children and 6 grandchildren through my marriage. My husband and I live in the eastern part of Jutland in the country, close to the woods, called Vinten Skov which means “empty of wind”. This place was shown to me during a vision I received in a drum journey, a great gift!

For many years I have been working with organizations and developing projects in public libraries and with private companies. Now I’m retired and “own my own time” where I enjoy nature and my family and I’m active in “Grandmothers Circle the Earth Denmark” and

I was on the Council since it’s start in 2012 until 2019 and has been Chairwoman of the Board since 2018. When we started the Council I got the vision of the Nordic Tree of Life – Yggdrails Ask med krystalklare rødder.

We are based on local Circles, by now 17 in Denmark, 1 in Iceland and we have also started up Council in Norway.

We hear the Hopi-prophecy “When the Grandmothers speak, the World will heal” as a call for the power of the mature women.

I love the work I am doing for Mother Earth and all her beings, and I find it important to find our own wisdom as Indigenous Nordic and European people – and to network and cooperate internationally with other indigenous people from all over or beautiful planet.


Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe Overseas


Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe Overseas




Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe Overseas

Mari MacEwen

Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe Overseas

My Name is Mari Fix McEwen. I am the daughter of Carolyn & granddaughter of Beatrice Ewing, from lineage Clan Ewing of hamlet Kilfinan in Alba (Scotland). Kilfinan is in the providences of Bute and Argyle upon the wondrous shores of Loch Fyne. Clan Ewing is of the Yew Tree, the mystical tree of everlasting life and death of the Celts.

Born in Washington State, currently residing in Los Angeles in the Chumash and Topanga tribal areas, I am a medicine woman who was recognized as an Elder by Peruvian Elder and Maestro Hermano Vidal and his counsel of Peruvian Incan Elders in 2015 and was given the task to bring my People back to their indigenous roots.  I have spent years studying with 3 “shamanic” lineages and was an active dancer with an indigenous group from Mexico.  I also am a direct apprentice of Taoist Master Ching Fung Dao Shr and a Tai Chi Student in the lineage of Grand Master Kai Ying Tung.

A Ceremonialist, Ordained Minister and Alternative Medicine Practitioner, I have been facilitating Sound Healing journeys since 1991 & spiritual workshops since 2015.  I hold Certifications in Therapeutic Arts, Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Irish Mythology & Celtic Studies.

As a sitting Grandmother and circle co-facilitator with the Indigenous Women / Grandmothers of Europe, I am representing my Indigenous Scotland as well as supporting Indigenous Women of Europe Overseas, to revive their roots, connect to nature and honor the ways of Spirit.  I am dedicated to unify with our indigenous relatives, to create healing, understanding, solidarity, balance and connection.

A member of Four Worlds Foundation with Chief Phil Lane, the Tiyoshape clan with Chief Rueben George, Four Worlds Women’s Talking Circle with Joan Henry, the Grandmothers and Supporting Women’s Talking Circle, and the Circle of Friends, I am a facilitator with Dineh Elder and Shaman Patricia Anne Davis of the “Indigenous Change Process.”




Grandmothers of Four Worlds

Rachelle Figueroa

Clan Mother

March 21 1951 – July 21 2017

Grandmothers of Four Worlds

Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa is the Grand Matriarch of the Choctaw-Muskogee-Yamassee Nation and is herself of Arapaho and Tarascan lineage. She was a Traditional Practitioner, Sundancer and Sweat Lodge facilitator of the Lakota Tradition and a Carrier of the Sacred Staff of Peace and Unity of the Mayan Council of El Salvador.


Clan Mother was the Founder and Executive Director of which has been based in Los Angeles, CA, since 2002 and is committed to educating and creating public awareness for the protection and preservation of Native/Indigenous Nations, and supporting the needs of Native/Indigenous Traditional Elders, Women & Youth.

Grandmother (Unci) Rachelle Figueroa, Grand Matriach of the Choctaw Musgokee Yamassee Nation crossed over to the other side camp. Her love, wisdom and spirit continue to guide us on our journey.

Thank you dear Unci, safe travelling.